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The Chauffeur experience at affordable rates.

My Name is Daniel Snell, I started DLS Elite Travel in September 2002 after losing both my parents in the space of a couple of years.This prompted me to ponder and question what I wanted to do with my life. I was at the time working in Retail management a job which I liked but knew was really not my passion, so after taking some time off I found myself on a night out with friends discusssing what I was going to do when it was suggetsed why dont I try being a taxi driver? How difficult can it be? I can drive, I like driving and I like meeting people and have good customer service skills.

And so it was I tentivley began my new career as a local Private Hire driver at the tender age of 30. Back then my first car was a Ford Mondeo and the work came in quickly from the first week, slightly different to what I do now